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When it comes to providing unique and memorable services, no one does it better than Virgin Explorers; a company with a long tradition of providing travelers from all over the world with quality, affordable, relaxing and memorable customized experience. Our team is experienced and dedicated to bring you the cure of Africa’s diverse culture.

  • Proven community-based approach
  • Experience our culture through interactive activities
  • Directly contribute to the local economy
  • Help conserve natural environment
  • Knowledgeable team of experts

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Get airport transfers services, hotel transfer and car hire from Virgin Explorers. We have different cars ranging from small to top range SUV’s.

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Cultural Tours

Kenya is made up of over 40 ethnic communities, with distinct customs, languages and ways of life matched only by the contrasting landscapes the communities inhabit.

The Swahili found in the coast, the famous Maasai and the Agikuyu are just some of the communities you will have a chance to visit and learn their ways among other

Beach Holidays

After a breathtaking adventure in the African bush, the seduction of a tropical beach holiday proves irresistible. Lose yourself in reverie while lounging on the pristine white sands that stretch endlessly along the sapphire ocean waters. Here, the pace is more leisurely and the sunshine heavenly. Depending on your schedule and interests, there are plenty of activities to fill you time between the sun tans. The beaches are reef-protected and thus safe for a swim. You can also take a dive into the clear blue waters and marvel at the abundant tropical sea life.

Visit Mombasa and Lamu Islands and learn their rich history. One landmark in Mombasa is Fort Jesus, strategically built by the Portuguese during their brief sojourn at the Kenyan coast in the16th Century.

Old Lamu is famous for its Swahili architecture and winding, narrow streets. A World Heritage Site, it is the oldest living town started over 600 years ago and a center of poetry, politics and arts in its glorious days.

Other destinations include Malindi, Lamu, Seychelles, Mauritius, Durban in South Africa, and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt

Group Road Trips

We have experience catering for groups from different fields. We recognize that each group has special requirements and our safaris are flexibly planned to fit these requirements. With Virgin Explores you are not only assured of professional service, with attention to detail but also a unique, fun experience.

We cater for small and large groups. We have at our disposal a variety of vehicles to fit your requirements.  Traveling in groups affords you a special discount. You also get the chance to plan games and team building activities together.

Bird Watching

East Africa is one of the top birding destinations in the world. Its rich incredible variety is the dream of every birding enthusiast. The moderate tropical climate affords year-round birding. Kenya has over 1000 recorded species of birds and it is not uncommon to tick off over 300 species within a single location.

Budget Safaris

A safari should not be too hard on the pocket. With a little planning and flexibility you can still sample the best Kenya has to offer. There are a variety of options for the budget conscious when it comes to transportation, places to visit and accommodation. Our local knowledge and ingenuity will ensure you get the best value for money.

Camping Safaris

Camping is the closest way to really experience the wild. Our tents are pitched at selected campsites to give you the most thrilling experience.Our highly trained cooks will whip up some mouth watering dishes.

Golf Safaris

As an avid golfer you need a flexible schedule to sample the country’s natural beauty as you take on the 40 unique golf courses found in Kenya. The courses range from world class championship courses to a nine-hole “brown”. Based on your time requirements, your rounds can be combined with regular tours.


An African honeymoon is the ultimate lovers’ dream, a childhood fantasy come true. Celebrate your nuptials in unforgettable style.  From the parks,mountains to exclusive beach hideaways, you will be spoilt for choice of the romantic setting for this special time of your life.

Take a flight to the Amboseli National park for a morning drive. Catch sight of an elephant rubbing against an acacia tree or a herd of wildebeest grazing. Enjoy a bush breakfast in the crisp morning air drifting from the snow capped Mt. Kilimanjaro as you listen to weaver birds sing.

Visit the beautiful beaches in the Seychelles and stay in some of the most romantic resorts.


The idyllic landscapes and diverse wildlife offer wonderful photo opportunities, a fact recognized by established photographers all over the world. We organize specialized trips for those seeking to capture dramatic moments in the wild, scenery or bird life.

Horse Riding

There is something dream-like about viewing game at close quarters while on horseback. As you become one with the horse your senses are sharpened, and your appreciation of your surrounding increases immensely. Cross-bred horses provide excellent transportation across the rugged terrain, giving you the opportunity to get closer than would be possible by vehicle.

Settle down for an alfresco lunch before returning to you hotel in the evening. Horseback safaris are available to both novices and experienced riders.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

A panoramic view of the scenic Mara teeming with wildlife far into the crimson horizon is truly inspiring. As the balloon gently soars above the tree tops you will have a chance to capture the dramatic struggle for survival between prey and predator continually played on the savannah grasslands below.

There is a serene silence around you apart from the purring of burners while the balloon is airborne. The balloon flight lasts about an hour, led in the direction of the morning breeze.


Cycling is great for the countryside, offering superb vantage points for the changing scenery. Bikes and back-up support are provided for each cycling safari, together with a guide to enrich your knowledge of the scenes revealed at each turn. Your physical abilities will be taken into account to give you maximum enjoyment.

Family Safaris

Our family safaris are tailored to provide a safe and wholesome fun for the whole family.
In addition children get an opportunity to learn about other cultures, and nature and give the parents time to relax.

Walking Safaris

If you prefer a leisurely, flexible tour then you may find a walking safari appropriate. You get a better chance to appreciate nature and the surrounding communities while your safety is assured. You only need to have an average fitness level in order to partake in one. The safaris are guided by local residents who will regal you with their tales of from the surrounding community.