Stay with a local family in an overnight homestay, engage in activities focused on traditional livelihoods and see the real Kenya

Each village has a variety of activities; there is something for people of all ages and abilities. Our Village tour program fall into three main categories: cultural, agro-tourism, and culinary tourism. Despite having an itinerary, the beauty of Virgin Explorers trips is that many activities just happen naturally as you become part of village life.

During a village tour, you may find yourself roasting maize, collecting tea, helping your homestay family make some farms, cooking local food as you experience village life with the villagers themselves or even playing volleyball with the locals after a busy day. Sometimes the best experiences aren’t planned.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are a great way to participate in and learn about the daily lives of the villagers. Even something as simple as preparing a meal with your host family can be an intimate and warming experience that allows you to connect with and appreciate their lives.

We have a close relationship and understanding of each village, and our staffs are well-respected; when we go into village, we go as longtime friends. This gives you an intimate insight into the daily lives of the villagers you meet.

Kenyan Cooking

Learn how to cook a variety of mouth watering Kenyan dishes with the experts themselves, the women of the village. These women have culinary skills to rival any five-star chef and will share their skills with you so that when you return home you can impress your friends with an authentic Kenyan dinner party! Spend a full morning or afternoon in the kitchen with comprehensive demonstration and hands on practice. At lunch or dinner, relax and enjoy the dishes that you created with the villagers.


“The food will be a highlight of any home-stay, and you certainly won’t go hungry! Every meal is like eating out at the best Kenyan restaurant back home, and the hosts are more than willing to accommodate vegetarians” –Leiss mexico