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Overview of Kirinyaga

The county is named after Mount Kenya, which was originally known as Kirinyaga, meaning the crest of whiteness, synonymous with its snow-capped peaks. Sitting at the foothills of Mount Kenya, some 112km from Nairobi, Kirinyaga County covers 1479.09 square kilometers, Kirinyaga borders Embu to the east, Machakos to the south, Murang’a to south west and Nyeri to the west.

Kirinyaga County is home to Mt. Kenya and offers a breathtaking view of the mountain with its snow capped peaks, v-shaped valleys and indigenous forests.  The county is also home to the Mt. Kenya Forest that is inhabited by a variety of wildlife including elephants, buffaloes, monkeys and birds. Kirinyaga has over 17 waterfalls which are found along the course of the six major rivers; Sagana, Nyamindi, Rupingazi, Thiba, Rwamuthambi and Ragati,as they cascade from the mountains downwards.

One can also climb Mt. Kenya from Kirinyaga County through the Kamweti route which leads you to old elephant pathways through dense rain and bamboo forests to the highland swamps and moorlands of Mt. Kenya.

While in Kirinyaga, lovers of the outdoors can engage in extreme sports like bungee jumping, canoe kayaking, white water rafting, rapids river trekking as well as enjoying Sagana chopper trips. Several lodges also also offer ideal environments for camping and bonfires which can be used by friends and families to bond

Other tourist attractions include;

Ndaraca Ya Ngai (Bridge of God)

The Bridge is of age because it was a hide away joint for more than fifty mau mau men and women during the colonial times. The British never discovered the scene and so it was a safe heaven.

It is a breath taking imagery of which nobody has a clear answer on how it came to existence. A remarkable image only in the county of Kirinyaga.

A drive away from the Nairobi – Embu highway, hidden amidst the scenic view of Mt. Kenya lays a natural bridge known as Ndaraca ya Ngai (God’s Bridge).

Mwomboko Kenya Dancers

A dancing troupe was formed in the 1940’s.  The group resides from Mukuura, Ndia – in Kirinyaga county. The name comes from the Kikuyu traditional dance known as Mwomboko. The group educates the public on the kikuyu culture through dance and music

Thingira Cultural Village

Built on an 18 hectares piece of land, Thingira village teaches about the origin of Kikuyu, Meru, Kamba and Embu. It is located within a semi arid area of rocky indigenous acacia thicket along the Nairobi – Embu highway across the Tana River Bridge near Makutano junction in the County.

Thingira village serves a delicacy of the traditional cuisine in addition to other delicacies. The delicacies include mukimo, muthokoi and fermented porridge among other delicacies. One gets to experience the traditional attire that our ancestors wore, the dishes that they ate on.

The famous mud huts are also a good imagery, because they represent the origin of the Bantu culture.

Other spots of interest include Mau Mau caves along the banks of various Rivers and within the forest.

Climate and weather

Set directly below Mount Kenya, Kirinyaga is one of the wettest counties. With annual temperatures ranging between 12 °C and 26 °C or an average of 20 °C and annual precipitation of about 1250mm. Kirinyaga enjoys two rainy seasons – the long rains (March-May) and short rains (October-December).

Day 1  Breakfast then proceed to the day’s activities
Activities Highlights;
Trekking to a series of waterfalls with major highlight on the mysterious gravitation phenomenal to cross the river bank, Mau Mau caves, brief history of Kenya’s freedom fighters then later start our journey to Castle forest lodge for a fun and adventure hike thereafter lunch at the same venue.
Note: Castle Forest Lodge was once host to Queen Elizabeth

Day 2  Breakfast then proceed to the farm as per the day’s activities
Activities Highlights;
Tea collection, processing, and tasting, Land preparation and gardening, crop harvesting. Lunch break then afternoon at leisure waiting to grab a beer in a local pub in the evening

Day 3/ Thingira village
Thingira Cultural Village is a multicultural village, From life in prehistoric times right up to date; for young and old alike, a visit to Thingira Cultural Village is an unforgettable experience. Feast your senses on stories, smells, flavors and images of the living history that will make a lasting impression, bringing back memories and astonishing you by turns. Immerse yourself in the past and get to know the culture of the Bantus of Mt Kenya and the history of Kenya.
In this unique Thingira Cultural Village, activities are carried out on a daily basis making it a fascinating interactive experience for visitors, making the place The home of living memories.
After the day’s activities have lunch and depart back to Nairobi

Rates include

  • Round trip transport
  •  Full board accommodation with your host family
  •  All entrance fees
  •  Service of an English speaking professional guide
  •  All activities as detailed in the itinerary
  •  Bottled water each day

Rate excludes

  • Anything not mentioned above.

Price 180 usd per person

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