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Stretching inland from the sea into Arabuko Sokoke Forest is one of Watamu’s true hidden treasures: Mida Creek, a broadwater tidal creek surrounded by extensive mangroves and lined with palms. This 32km creek has wide, healthy beds of seagrass and coral, home to many species of fish and feeding sea turtles, while in the mangroves smaller streams and inlets provide a refuge for crabs and birdlife. The greater Mida Creek-Arabuko Sokoke Forest ecosystem is considered the second most important International Bird Area in Africa.
Mida is a stopover point for many migratory birds and an essential protected area for their survival. This makes it one of the most important and beautiful natural attractions on the Kenyan coast.
The creek attracts thousands of different bird’s species which come for honeymoon in a period of September to April before they leave to their original homes for hatching. well, its not only birds that honeymoon here, humans too lol, One of the major magic scenes that attract ‘honey mooners’ and lovebirds is Garden of Eden-an Island which locals believe Adam and Eve lived and first sinned before God. Garden of Eden or green island as is popularly known, receives many guests who need privacy and get their memorable moments of love in this inhabited place, at their heights while away from home. The island is isolated and the locals make sure you enjoy every moment of your stay with their seafood culinary skills and traditional music.


1. Round trip Transport
2. Entry Fee
3. Canoe ride, mangrove walk,
4. Ruins and community walk
5 .Lunch

  • Fishing
  • Boardwalk
  • Bird Watching
  • Mangrove Walk
  • Canoe riding
  • Swimming
  • Photography
  • Socializing

1. Lunch
2. Extra Water
3. Personal effects and anything not mentioned above.

*Places of Interest:*

1. Mida Creek
2. The Green Island/ Garden of Eden

3. Kirepwe Islands
4. The Sudi Island
4. Historical Ruins

Charges Ksh 10,000 0r usd 100
Goup rate available upon request


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