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Nairobi Walking Tour

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Nairobi city tour is a tour designed at showcasing the history of Nairobi from the late 1800 to the present. The tour is basically a walking tour taking one through the streets of Nairobi visiting monuments and historical galleries like Murumbi Gallery, Kenya archives, Murumbi gallery, KICC Helipad with the tour starting from the original growth point of Nairobi which is The Railway Museum. This city walk tour will take us through the colonial era and introduction of settlers to the current city we know of today. There are places in the city that we pass by and not know the history or importance of them, other places we last visited years ago, join in as we get to learn more about our city which has become #TheCityWeAssume.

Projected sites of visits will include Westminster house that served as the lodging for colonial administrators, Torr’s Hotel the first house to be installed with an elevator in Nairobi, The LegCo that was used once in the proceedings of partitioning of Kenyan highlands among others.

This tour is recommended for:

* Those who wish to see the city in different views

* Enthusiast of Nairobi

* First time Nairobi Visitors

* Those in need of learning about the city

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